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While working on creating events, on EventCombo, and customizing each webpage, I saw a need to elevate the look and feel. I found a way to use my own style sheets and Javascript, by manipulating EventCombos DOM, overriding their default styles and adding animation to give a smooth user experience(UX) and creative and interesting user interface(UI). I used the JS script below to add functionality to the sites, along with the unique customization. See my to view animation

STEM softskills: creativity , critical thinking, vision

                                    function readMore()
                                        {  //get elements assign to variable
                                            var dotText = document.getElementById("dot");
                                            var readMoreText = document.getElementById("readMore");
                                            var btnText = document.getElementById("btn");

                                          if( == "none")
                                   = "none";
                                   = "inline";
                                            btnText.innerHTML = "read less";
                                   = "inline";
                                   = "none";
                                            btnText.innerHTML = "read more";
                                       document.body.onload = addElement;
                                      function addElement () {
                                      // CREATE A NEW DIV ELEMENT 
                                      const newDiv = document.createElement("div");
                                      newDiv.setAttribute("id", "myID");
                                      newDiv.setAttribute("class", "bg-info mx-auto text-center");
                                      //CREATE NEW IMG ELEMENT TO APPEND TO NEW DIV
                                      newContent = document.createElement("img");
                                      newContent.src = "

                                      //CREATE NEW DIV2 ELEMENT
                                      const newDiv2 = document.createElement("div");
                                      newDiv2.setAttribute("id", "myID2");
                                      newDiv2.setAttribute("class", "bg-success text-black text-uppercase
                                      font-weight-bold mx-auto text-center");
                                      // CREATE NEW P ELEMENT TO APPEND TO NEW DIV2
                                      newContent2 = document.createElement("p");
                                      var t = document.createTextNode("Added New Dynamic 'div', 'paragraph',
                                      'text' and 'image' created with Javascript; ");
                                      var z = document.createTextNode("added new dynamic class 
                                      attribute with the Bootstrap Framework");

                                      //CREATE NEW DIV3 ELEMENT
                                      const newDiv3 = document.createElement("a");
                                      //ATTRIBUTE FOR NEW DIV3 AND APPEND TO NewDiv
                                      newDiv3.setAttribute("href", "");
                                      newDiv3.setAttribute("target", "__blank");
                                      newDiv3.setAttribute("class", "mx-auto");

                                      // ADD NEW ELEMENTS AND CONTENT TO THE DOM
                                      const currentDiv = document.getElementById("viewEvent");
                                      document.body.insertBefore(newDiv, currentDiv);
                                      document.body.insertBefore(newDiv2, newDiv);

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Helen Keller